• Light weight 870 grams

  • C/W sun visor or face shield

  • Carbon fiber earcups

  • Full carbon fiber headband

  • Protein leather earpads

  • Easy store carrying satchel

  • Clear and clean communications

  • Mic boom rotates for left or right side

  • Manufactured under CE standards

Available Sizes:
Head circumference
S          55-56 cm
M         57-58 cm
L          59-60 cm
XL        61-62 cm
XXL     63-64 cm
Note: Use a soft ruler to measure the circumference a little above the person's ear.

Standard Controller

  • ANR (Active Noise Reduction)

  • ANR Switch for auto on or off

  • Bluetooth including 3.5 mm aux input

  • Separate volume control for comm and phone

  • AA battery power

  • Stereo and mono

Lemo Controller

Standard features included PLUS:

  • Aircraft power 14 to 28 volt or USB

  • Interchangeable jacks / plugs including: GA, Heli U174, Lemo

  • 1 set of jacks of your choice

  • 1 power cord of your choice: curly or straight

  • Extra cords $40 each

An excellent product with 1 year warranty that covers repair or replacement of faulty parts.
Dealers may sell for less.

Pricing: MSRP
G-4    $890 CAD  – GA ANR BT Standard Controller
          $990 CAD  – C\W Lemo Controller
G-5   $1005 CAD – Helicopter/Lemo Configured

G1 Shown with Visor