Is ANR turning off automatically after 5 minutes?

If this happens, it is usually due to the type of single radio installation and possibly no audio panel.

Solution: Request non-auto off headset/helmet controller. For more details please contact us.

Problem pairing your iPhone & overcoming a very weak volume when connected over Bluetooth?

Solution: When pairing an iPhone choose "BT-ANRII".

When using the smartphone for a phone call select “speaker” for proper input into headphones.

For pilot and co-pilot set controller to “B”. For passengers, who wish to listen to music etc. set controller to “C”.

Are you getting abnormal noise when using the Helmet microphone?

This can occur when two way ground communication radio is used with a VHF aviation radio without an audio panel and or intercom system. Improper microphone impedance matching may also cause this problem.

Solution: Aircraft radio installation may require microphone impedance matching device.

Is your earphone working only in one ear?

Open the battery compartment, remove the batteries and move miniature switch to "mono".

If you are having a different problem that is not mentioned here, please write to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.